YMCA Youth Sports

Youth Sports Develops Confidence and Character


Our objective for YMCA Youth Sports is to help young athletes not only become better players but also better people. We recognize that not every athlete can be on the winning team, but every kid can be a winner in YMCA Youth Sports.


Developing a Winning Perspective

Every decision parents make in guiding their children should be based first on what’s best for the child and second on what may help the child win. Stated another way, this perspective places Athletes First, Winning Second. We’re not saying winning is unimportant. Winning—or striving to win—is essential to enjoyable competition. Pursuing victory and achieving goals are sweet rewards of sport participation. But they can turn sour if, through losing, you or your child lose the proper perspective also. An obsession with winning often produces a fear of failure, resulting in below average performances and upset children.


Soccer Season is Underway

One of the most popular sports among youth across the country, youth soccer seasons at the YMCA come around twice a year. Our Fall Season welcomes teams from near-by communities (Abbeville and McCormick Counties). Games have begun and we want to urge CAUTION any time you come through our complex as excited players dart between their vehicles and the playing fields. The spring season kicks off in late March each year.


Up Next: NFL Flag Football

This program is for boys and girls, ages 6—12 , and they play non-contact football. The games are always fun and teach the youth the skills of football without the fear of being hit. Everyone gets to play in NFL FLAG Football and good sportsmanship and teamwork are a must. Plus, you get to sharpen your football skills, and learn new ones.


EARLY REGISTRATION continues until Sept 22. You save money by registering during this period. As it gets closer to the time to start, our job gets frantic lining up coaches, ordering jerseys and equipment and making sure we are ready to go!

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Upcoming Programs

Don’t Miss the 16th Annual Community Prayer Breakfast

2014 Event Set for November 13

An event that is special builds upon successes each year. From the very beginning, the YMCA Christian Emphasis Committee was very pleased with how the event has started and continued. Community leaders make it a point to attend and many have taken part in the program itself.

Keynote SpeakerDoug Pollock

Doug Pollock is committed to guiding God’s people into outward focused living. He is an author, a speaker, a chaplain in the YMCA, and a reflective practitioner whose focus is to help Christ followers worldwide increase the quality and the quantity of their spiritual conversations in practical, doable, and authentic ways.

Since 1983, Doug’s ministry with Athletes in Action has taken him to 39 different countries, 6 of our 7 continents, and throughout most of the United States to share God’s never-changing message with an ever-changing world.

His two books “Irresistible Evangelism” and “God Space” in combination with his outwardly-focused workshop have opened up doors for Doug to speak in faith communities worldwide. He is a frequent speaker at regional and national conferences across the U.S. He’s had the privilege of speaking at the Pentagon’s Prayer breakfast in Washington D. C., the national staff conferences of Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as CRU) in the U.S, Canada, Moldova, and Poland, and has done two national speaking tours of New Zealand.

Doug has an undergraduate degree from Kent State University, and graduate degrees from Miami of Ohio, and Columbia International University. He is married to his wife Martha, and they have 2 boys named David and Jonathan. They make their home just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. To learn more about Doug’s work and the resources he’s created to help transform inwardly focused Christians into outwardly focused Christ-followers, go to GodsGPS.com.

Serving lines open at 6:15am.

Program begins at 7:00am

Reserve a table for 8 for $80

Call 864-223-9622 to make your reservation today!

Or email lhudson@greenwoodymca.org - don’t wait. 

The mission of the Greenwood Family YMCA is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.
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