Staff Leadership Team Spells Out Some Basics

At a staff leadership team strategy session, discussion focused on how we can move forward in the challenge of communication throughout the organization. Consensus was reached on a few basic principles:

Labels – In order to effectively give ‘weight’ or a sense of ‘how urgent is this message’ to communications, three labels were agreed upon. Critical would indicate that every staff member needs to read and understand a message. Important would be the second level of urgency and would apply to messages that may or may not apply to everyone, but remain an important piece of information that the organization needs to communicate to everyone. Informative would be the last label and would include items of information that leadership feels are particularly informative.

Methods – While there are numerous options available for communicating, there are just as many challenges. Therefore, we agreed that the ‘webportal’ or timeclock would be the major ‘gateway’ to signaling that a communication piece is available and needs attention. This webpage has been created as a second method to communicate information. Finally, each department is to identify and use a ‘central’ place where its staff team can find messages and communications.

Voice – We talked openly and frankly about how the ‘tone’ or the ‘voice’ of the communications can have influence over how the communication will be received.

Accountability – We are still working on finding some way to hold staff accountable for the information we disburse.

Below is an example (it is timely, and it is ‘real’)

New Policy Regarding Pets on Campus (Critical)

Everyone in the organization should be aware that a recent policy has been put in place that prohibits pets from being on the campus. This is in place because of a number of observations and instances that have taken place. First of all, dogs are often brought with participants/members/family members to events and programs outside. Unfortunately, not all dog owners control their pets appropriately around other people and this led to unsafe situations. (large dogs, small youth). Also, when pet owners don’t clean up after their pets, it presents all kinds of problems for other members, maintenance staff, etc.

Therefore, we have simply had to prohibit pets from being on campus. This includes walking your dog with you on the track or letting your dog loose on a field just to run and play.

Signs will be placed on campus shortly and we are all expected to enforce the policy.


Flashback – A few more pictures from years past. Can you name the staff in the pictures?

All tied up2

Employee of Month group 1


Challenge Course Instructors