Recently Completed

The pool area, sometimes called the natatorium,  recently had a significant improvement project completed. The Paddock Evacuator has been installed and is designed to pull air from the surface of the pool and exhaust it out of the natatorium. This air is heavy with chlorine related gasses and has caused breathing problems over the years for many swimmers. Lap swimmers and swim team members, training at high intensity levels are already noticing the difference. Comments suggest that they are having an easier time breathing during these periods of high intensity training.

The metal case you see on the side of the pool protects the equipment’s lines taking the air to the exhaust fan. Members can sit on the ‘bench’ without harming the equipment.

Near Future

Plans are underway for one athletic field to get a ‘makeover’ with new seed and soil. The ‘track field’, officially the Anderson Construction Co. Field, will be closed to ALL ACTIVITY beginning about May 18. It will take approximately 6-8 weeks being closed to allow the field to have time to get a good start! We will have to be very diligent about keeping ‘pick up games’ off of the field during this time. We’ve invested significant dollars into the irrigation system to properly care for these assets – the athletic fields.

The Group Exercise Studio and Single Gymnasium are also scheduled to have a makeover when we sand and re-coat both floors. Specific dates are not established just yet, but we’ll announce those plans soon.


Playground Open – Childwatch Kids Will Enjoy

There have been a few days already when the children have gone outside to play on their new playground. Completed this winter, the project will be greatly appreciated this spring and summer by many children!!


Have you seen this?

A great website to show your members, anyone who might be interested in finding out more about the Y as a charitable cause.

The video at the top of the page is very creative and a lot of fun to watch. Scroll down for a lot of information about how the YMCA impacts communities and changes lives.