Making the Y Accessible to All

The aim of the “Open Doors” program is to make the Y truly accessible to all. Some program participants and members approach the Y or are referred to the Y and ask for assistance with fees due to financial hardships. After applying for and qualifying for a sliding fee, those members agree to a fee in which they pay a portion and a portion is paid for by our ‘Open Doors’ program. This reduction is fee makes it possible for over 1100 individuals to have access to the Y and its programs who otherwise would not have joined or participated in a program.

As in any community there are those who have limited financial ability to participate. Children want to participate and be accepted; parents want the best for their children and family but simply need a hand to be a part – to be a part of the Greenwood Family YMCA.

“I am very thankful for the help and financial assistance. I have three daughters that attend the YMCA all year. They love it. I love it. I also love the fact that the YMCA instills Christian values into these children. Without the help my children would not be able to participate in anything because I simply cannot afford it as a single mom of three.”

The “Open Doors” program is supported by donations to the Annual Campaign.