Your gift helps to strengthen our community.


So Much More.

You know the problems that face us in Greenwood. Children don’t know where their next meal will come from. Students struggle to graduate on time. Adults live with chronic diseases that threaten their quality of life. 37% of children in Greenwood live in poverty.

Because you care, we want you to know that you have a partner. You have someone to stand with you and make a difference. Your partner is the Y.

Throughout Greenwood people know the Greenwood Family YMCA. But there’s so much more to our Y than one might think. From exercise to education, from volleyball to volunteering, from preschool to preventive health, the Y doesn’t just strengthen bodies — we strengthen community.

Two weeks ago, we began our Y annual campaign. We will raise the charitable funds needed to address the issues that concern you. This year, as part of our campaign, we want people to think of the Y as so much more than a gym. In Greenwood and around the country, the Y is a cause – a cause worth investing in.

Our annual campaign donors make it possible for children, families and adults to have access to Y programs that improve their lives. We strive to keep values-based youth programs and fees affordable by subsidizing some of the real costs. That’s one way we partner with you to make a difference.
But we know that some individuals and families struggle to pay the rent, put food on the table and buy clothes for their kids. They need financial assistance to come to the Y. Through the annual campaign, we make sure that our doors are open to all. Your support helps thousands of youth and families live healthier and happier lives. They do better in school. They manage their illnesses. And kids get a good square meal!

Yes, you know the problems we face. Now you know that the Y is your partner, standing up and making a difference with YOU! Together we can do so much more!

 For more information on these programs please visit our Community Health page.

Won’t you join our efforts to spread the message throughout Greenwood that the Y is so much more?  To support the Greenwood Family YMCA and our cause, please click on our GIVE ONLINE  link above or you can contact any Y Staff Member directly at 864/223-9622.