Fulfilling a 70 Year Old Dream

In early 1946, C.Y. Thomason, Nat Watson and Ebe Grier had a conversation on a Main Street corner in Uptown Greenwood. The men were concerned that the young people of Greenwood needed something to do in their free time. That morning, they decided that our town needed a YMCA. Soon afterwards, Mr Thomason contacted the Interstate YMCA Office to learn how to bring a YMCA to Greenwood. After sharing the information with community leaders, “wheels began to turn and one of the largest undertakings, ever in the Greenwood community was developed”. The BIG question in everyone’s mind was whether the community could support “the dream”.


In the November 16, 1946 issue of The Index Journal, C.Y. Thomason announced a campaign to build the YMCA. “Three hundred thousand dollars was more than we expected to have to raise, but all of you can vouch that the Y has already far exceeded our dreams in its meaning and value to our town.” In the fall of 1950, the YMCA building was complete and dedicated to the people of Greenwood just a few years later.


The dream that started on a street corner 70 years ago still lives on today. The resources necessary to keep the dream alive give our Y reason to conduct an Annual Support Campaign. The campaign provides the means for the Y to do it’s part in making Greenwood an even better place to grow, learn and thrive!


Your support of our Annual Campaign makes it possible to continue fulfilling “the dream”. The overwhelming financial support from our friends and members provide visible proof to the entire community that the Y’s mission is part of each and every one of us. We believe in our work and that our work makes a real and meaningful impact in our community.

Together, we can build a better us:

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