A Place Where the Community Connects

Have you ever thought that the Y just could not be any more crowded? Do you ever have the feeling that the Y isn’t really making a difference?

Well, here are some numbers about the use of the Y and the people we impact….

Busy place:

In 11 weeks in 2016, we have averaged 756 gate visits per weekday

The average number of  Monday gate visits has been 894 so far this year (by far our busiest day of the week)

We average 153 visitors to Water Exercise per week.

Afterschool has averaged 113 children per day (at the Y and at Rivers Street).

In the Fitness Center, the average daily hi (peak number of members at one time) has been 73. The  highest single head count was 107.

Fitness classes have averaged 135 per day. The highest single day for fitness classes was 177.

Oh yes, we are busy!


Impacting others:

We have over 140 membership units that have applied for, and qualified for financial assistance in order to belong to the Y.

20% of our YAfterschool participants receive financial assistance after applying for and qualifying for our Open Doors program.

Around 600 seniors have enrolled in the Silver Sneakers program which pays their membership fees. Over 25% of those participate in Y programs each month.

The YMCA strengthens the community and is a special part of what makes the Quality of Life what it is in Greenwood!


The YMCA was recently voted as the Lakeland’s Best Health and Fitness Facility!


Oh yes, we do make a difference!