iExplore – YMCA Summer Learning Loss Prevention Program

This collaborative partnership is working to close the academic achievement gap with programs that improve students’ educational readiness, engagement and outcomes, while helping them grow emotionally and physically, too.

This summer, Greenwood Family YMCA, Greenwood School District 51, Lander University and Greenwood County Library are partnering to offer a learning loss prevention program for 60 children that the districts have identified as one grade level behind in reading.

Studies show that without access to summer learning activities such as camp, travel and visits to libraries and museums, children from low-income environments can experience more significant learning loss than their more economically-stable peers. Over time, these children continue to lose ground and by the fifth grade, many are two to three school years behind their middle and high-income peers.

The Y is committed to nurturing the potential of every child and teen and is addressing the academic achievement gap through pilot programs across the country. The programs, which are underway in nearly 46 states across the country, are designed to not only increase success in school, but to also foster social-emotional development and physical health and well-being.

Learn why iExplore is so important to our community

Check out this video that our friends at YMCA of Greater Dayton created to tell the impact their summer learning loss program made in their community