Filling Out Incident Report Forms

At some time, you may be asked to fill out an incident report form. This form is an important tool in our Risk Management Program. The form is found in the workroom at the Y in the mailbox container.

Here are a few important reminders about filling out this form:

There are two sides – be sure and complete everything you can.

Witnesses – please get information for this section if at all possible.

Incident management – each form must go through one of the Senior Program Directors, so please follow the proper channel when forwarding the report. When you are filling out a report, your supervisor should have the chance to review it. It should be forwarded to Sondi, Donna or Janada as soon as possible.

General information – don’t attempt to diagnose an injury or any condition. Just state what has happened.


Risk Management Data

Our insurance partner collects data on all of the incident report forms from YMCAs across the country. This gives them an idea of what is happening over and over again and some insight into why incidents happen. That is why it’s important for us as a staff team to pay close attention to this important tool.


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