Financial Assistance

Helping Greenwood Grow

As in any community there are those who have limited financial ability to participate. Children want to participate, learn and grow; parents want the best for their children and family but simply need a hand to be a part of the Greenwood Family YMCA.

The Greenwood Family YMCA financial assistance provides for the needs of youth, families and individuals who cannot afford the full cost of YMCA memberships and programs. The YMCA is committed to being accessible to all, and works hard to support those who may be in challenging financial situations.

Our Financial Assistance Program is supported by contributions to our Annual Campaign.

To qualify for financial assistance, we review your financial assistance form and your household income and family size based on YMCA National guidelines. In these cases, a portion of the cost is subsidized with the applicant paying the remainder of the cost. This discount may also be applied toward most YMCA’s programs.

To qualify for assistance, you MUST provide AT LEAST 2 forms of income verification. If there is more than one income in the household, documentation must be presented for each income. An application cannot be processed without these. Once all the proper documentation is given to the YMCA, the application will be processed within 2 weeks. Each year the application MUST be renewed.

Application Requirements

The following information is needed to process your application:

1. Completed YMCA scholarship application.
2. Copy of your past year income tax Form 1040.
3. Current payroll stub.
4. Copy of monthly expenses.

Scholarship Application Instructions

Scholarship Application