Our Next Step

I GIVE MEMBER CAMPAIGN – This new initiative will encourage our membership to support the Y’s wonderful cause. We are asking all staff to share stories of impact with members and encourage them to contribute $10 or more per month to our Annual Campaign. They could write a check or simply allow us to add the gift to their monthly membership draft! With a note of appreciation, we are going to mail them three matching “I GIVE” membership cards (two for their key rings and one wallet sized card). You will be surprised at the number of members that will say they would be happy to contribute!

Our goal is to secure 300 member pledges! If each of us tell 2 members about our impact and get them to contribute through this initiative we will raise over $18,000 by December 31st!!!!! WOW!

The first 5 staff that send an email to me with the words “A BETTER US” in the subject line will receive a special gift!

My email address is jbass@greenwoodymca.org

New Nametags

You may notice 46 of our staff wearing new name tags attached to a blue lanyard with I GIVE printed on them. These staff contributed to our 2016 Annual Campaign. These staff received a new nametag with their membership barcode imprinted on the back, a new lanyard and the three new membership cards. It’s not too late for you to give through payroll deduction and receive the same thank you lanyard, nametag and custom membership cards! Just let your supervisor know you would like to support the Annual Campaign!