News Title: CYSL Winter Championship update Day 1
News Date: 02/21/2015
Wow! The Gators are really having fun at this CYSL Winter State Championship. Lots of great swims from everyone. Here are some highlights from today.

Both Lydia Zeller (50 Breaststroke) and Elizabeth Van Swol (100 backstorke) qualified for the Upper SE YMCA Region Meet in March at the Goldsboro NC YMCA.

Caleb Zeller finished in the top 5 five in all three boys 7-8 year old, individual events today. 5th in the 25 fly 19.90, 3rd place in the 200 freestyle 3:16.50, and 2nd in the 200 IM 3:4.76.

Eric Philcox finished 2nd in the 7-8 boys 50 breaststroke, and 4th in the 200 freestyle.

Micah Zeller finished 10th in the 9-10 boys 100 freestyle, 5th in the 200 freestyle, and fourth inthe 100 yard backstroke.

Jasmine Creswell placed 7th 9 in the 100 butterfly and 10th in the 200 yard freestyle.

Seth Reynolds dropped 17 seconds and finished 7th in the 9-10 200 freestyle (2:57.15) and 16 seconds in the 200 IM (3:27.56)

Sarah Ellen Johnson placed 1st in both 11-12 girls 100 Butterfly (1:12.26) and the 400 IM (5:37.14). She also placed 8th in the 100 freestyle.

Wyatt Prince placed first in the boys 11-12 400 IM (6:22.26) and 5th in the 200 freestyle.

and Dorothy Russell took 2nd in the 13-14 girls 200 breaststroke 2:40.53, 7th in the 200 freestyle, and 5th in the 400 IM.

Everyone of the Gators had a highlight moment today. Tomorrow the Gators look to make a strong finish. Our Seniors will be recognized for their final year in YMCA swimming. Congratulations to our seniors! Tom Kapperman, Sarah Walenceus, and Dave Karel.