Soccer in Greenwood is going to explode!
The YMCA and Lakelands Toros Soccer Club have developed a partnership that will change recreation soccer in Greenwood. All recreation players will register at the YMCA for fall and spring soccer. The YMCA will organize the teams, games, practices and still have volunteer coaches. The Lakelands Toros Director Jamie Ramm will provide the expertise by conducting coaches training, providing practice drills and hire certified officials for all games.

  is now YMCA / Lakelands Toros Youth Soccer
The YMCA and Toro’s are both excited about the partnership and the bright future of youth soccer in Greenwood. With this partnership, a few changes will happen for this season. Below is what to expect at the beginning of the season.

A field diagram will be available once fields have been completed. An update will be provide for practice locations.

UPDATED ROSTERS AS OF 4:00pm on Tue, Aug 15.

U6 Girls Rosters (2012, 2013, 2014) – size 3 ball, 3v3
U8 Girls Rosters (2010, 2011) – size 3 ball, 4v4
U5 Boys Roster (2013, 2014) – size 3 ball, 3v3
U6 Boys Roster (2012)– size 3 ball, 3v3
U7 Boys Rosters (2011) – size 3 ball, 4v4
U8 Boys Rosters (2010) – size 3 ball, 4v4
U10 Coed Rosters (2008, 2009) – size 4 ball, 7v7
U13 Coed (2005, 2006, 2007) – size 4 ball, 9v9


Lakeland Toros Soccer Skills Development Program – Registration Deadline is September 1
Click here to register online or register at the YMCA.
Call 864-409-7529 for more information.

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