Connecting with Others Who Stand Firm with the “C” in YMCA

The US Mission Network serves all interested YMCA associations as they strive to fulfill their mission statement to build healthy spirits, minds and bodies. US Mission Network seeks to empower, strengthen and expand existing YMCA Christian initiatives and assist in establishing new Christian emphasis structures. US Mission Network will do this by developing ongoing, strategic partnerships within the local community, sharing resources across a national network, creating and leading training conferences, and participating with the International Mission Network. Together we will preserve, nurture and advance the historic Christian purpose and principles of the YMCA movement.

The US Mission Network affirms the cause of the YMCA: Strengthening the foundations of community through Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.

Visit the US Mission Network website HERE.

“Seize the Day” is a national Christian conference for today’s YMCA. It’s set for November 16-18 in Orlando Florida. Plan now to join us for this incredible time together in Orlando! Folks from all over the country will converge on Orlando this November to celebrate the Christian faith and heritage of the YMCA. For more information about this exciting conference click HERE.