Short Message to Initiate Communications

The webclock that part time employee ‘clock in’ on will be the first line of communications. We are developing a way to have a short message that indicates there is a staff message/communication that needs your attention. This is somewhat of a ‘gateway’ to different forms of communication. Some employees may prefer text messages, email, snail mail or printed newsletters. However, we will have to narrow down this long list to just a few methods.

Within the next week or so, we’ll test this method out and hopefully find that many staff can easily find our message! You might find that you get a ‘prize’ for following up on the ‘test’!

Just for the fun of it, below are some pictures of staff  from years past. Our ‘flashback’ !! Wow, how some Y kids have grown since then. The middle picture is when Sondi Creglow was named “Rookie of the Year”.


Donna and RyanBeth's family

Rookie of the Year