Christian Emphasis Activities of the Greenwood Family YMCA


The local YMCA’s Board of Directors has had an emphasis on the Christian Mission of the Y for many years. The Christian Emphasis Committee is a key to that commitment and provides great leadership and direction for the Y’s efforts.

Here are a few examples of activities in Greenwood:

Creating a place for all to experience the presence of Jesus Christ

Bible Study (this group is key to many efforts)

Scriptural vitamins

Prayer Box

  • Devotions


Unifying the Body of Christ

Through prayer

Community Prayer Breakfast

Unity and Diversity Prayer Breakfast


Serving/programming for all

Open Doors/Financial Assistance

Clothing and Food Drives

Local Food Bank Deliveries


Building a team committed to advancing Christ’s presence in the Y

Christian Emphasis Committee

Christian Leadership Conference participation and national leadership

Encouraging local pastors to be here by discounting membership fee


Encouraging staff who are Christ followers to see their work as mission and their venue as a mission field

Encouraging staff to use prayer in programs and classes

Opportunities to serve as volunteers in “service”